The ethiCarbon® initiative

ethiCarbon® is an international solidarity-based initiative initiated by ENERGIES 2050 in 2011. It enables citizens, associations, businesses, cities and other actors to assess and then to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, through the financing of ethical and solidarity projects in vulnerable countries.

ethiCarbon® ...

thus contributes to raise global awareness around the issue of climate change and sustainable development while giving everyone the means to act in a fully transparent manner.

is an international initiative that aims to mobilize and invite actors to action regardless of their place of living.

However, aware of the specific realities of some countries and communities with which we work, continental declinations exist. This is why we set up from the start, along with African partners, ethiCarbon Afrique®, which is more specifically focused on the challenges of the energy transition in Africa. Learn more...

Why use ethiCarbon® ?

How to use ethiCarbon® ?

Step 1

Calculate your carbon footprint
Our lifestyles and consumption patterns have a significant impact on global greenhouse gas emissions. To act, it is necessary to understand and know the sources of GHG and consequences Visit the dedicated page..

Step 2

Evaluate the amount of your contribution to ethiCarbon®
Insert your carbon footprint in the dedicated space below. The amount of your contribution to ethiCarbon® will be calculated directly. The carbon price used here is voluntarily higher than the ones of markets so that we are able to support projects with high social and environmental value, beyond the simple carbon reduction, and for communities in situations of high vulnerability.
To learn more about carbon markets and the price of carb, Visit the dedicated page..

Rapid assessment:

Step 3

Offset your emissions by financing solidarity-based projects of development, adaptation and mitigation
To participate in the financing of ethiCarbon® projects, you can:
Make a donation up to the calculated amount.
This donation will be used in full for the implementation of ethiCarbon® projects (minus a 5% contribution to the running costs of the initiative). Each donor will receive a certificate, attesting its donation. As ENERGIES 2050 is registered in France and is a non-profit organisation working strictly in the general interest, taxpayers in France or Europe can deduct their donation from taxes under French or European rules.
For example, the donation will be deductible from taxes of up to 66% for citizens residing in France.
Offset your carbon footprint by purchasing certified credits on official markets.
We have selected for you a set of projects generating certified credits with a high social and environmental value here . Part of your financing will be used to buy credits. The remainder will be allocated entirely to finance ethiCarbon® projects (excluding 5% dedicated to cover the initiative's operating costs).

Our projects ethiCarbon®

Our projects have been selected for their high added value on the socio-economic and environmental (adaptation and/or mitigation) perspectives. They are implemented in partnership with vulnerable populations facing the realities of climate change, jointly by local organizations and ENERGIES 2050, which ensures the proper management and transparency of the funds collected. All projects meet international transparency criteria, which allows the association, when relevant, to issue certified carbon credits

Learn more about climate change and carbon issues

To learn more about the issue of climate change (adaptation, mitigation), the challenges of sustainable and inclusive development and also about carbon markets and compensation mechanisms click here. click here.

To also help you reduce your carbon/greenhouse gas emissions, follow the easy-to-apply tips here.