Faites du Développement Durable 2014

Launch of the YAKAFOKON competition

As part of “Make Sustainable Development”, the St Lazare Campaign, the ENERGIES 2050 association and the Sustainable Development Steering Committee are pleased to announce the launch of the “YAKAFOKON” contest.

It is aimed at three audiences: companies, universities and leisure centers.

It will focus on the theme of innovative recycling.

This one is organized in the framework of the first edition of the “Faites du Développement Durable” which will take place the:

Friday 12 and Saturday 13 September 2014
from 9am


La Campagne St Lazare
Ancienne route de Dauphin
04 300 Forcalquier

The YAKAFOKON competition is aimed at companies, universities and leisure centres, with themes specific to each of these categories.


Efficiency and Responsible Development
“Responsible Innovation,
the Idea that succeeds us »

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Recreation centers

Polluman vs Recyclor
“New life for our products! “

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The universities

Efficiency and Responsible Development
“Let’s meet the challenge! “

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