World Summit of Sustainable Cities ECOCITY

Nantes – 2013

Initiated by the ECOCITY Builders Foundation, the ECOCITY 2013 World Summit, held in Nantes from 25 to 27 September 2013, is the 10th edition of this series of world conferences.

The 2013 edition is the first in the European Union, followed by Montreal, Istanbul, Shanghai, San Francisco, Bangalore, Shenzhen, Curitiba, Yoff, Adelaide and Berkeley.

“The mission of the ECOCITY Builders Foundation is to federate cities and individuals around a new way of life on our planet, which aims to develop cities that offer the best possible living conditions while enriching the biosphere, by destroying it “.

ENERGIES 2050 is committed to the establishment or transformation of living spaces respectful of natural resources, solidarity and sustainability. ENERGIES 2050 participates in several initiatives and projects in France and abroad on the built environment, building and cities.

The association is a co-founder of the Francophonie Initiative for Sustainable Cities.

A ECOCITY, ENERGIES 2050 will present the initiative at the Knowledge Corner.

The La Francophonie initiative for Sustainable Cities is a continuation of the “City, Energy and Environment” program set up by the Institute of Energy and Environment of La Francophonie (IEPF) between 2002 and 2011. The originality of this program was largely due to its ability to take into account the diversity of a city while targeting action strategies on the two “easily identifiable” components of energy and the environment . Following its evaluation carried out in 2011, the Institute of La Francophonie for Sustainable Development (IFDD), new name for IEPF, and ENERGIES 2050 decided to continue the adventure together. They have devised a new initiative aimed at understanding the environment constructed according to a systemic approach.

The Francophonie Initiative for Sustainable Cities Initiative aims to stimulate the implementation of a sustainable urban strategy and to provide concrete responses to critical situations faced with resources that are almost systematically undersized.

Join us at the Knowledge Corner to discuss the poster presenting the Initiative. Come and debate with us at the Conferences and Roundtables in which our members at ECOCITY will be speaking.

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IEPF and ENERGIES 2050 presented the Francophonie Initiative for Sustainable Cities as part of the Africities Conference held in Dakar in December 2012.

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