The Meal & Launch of 1000 Pioneers for the Planet

ENERGIES 2050 will participate in the grand picnic organized during the 2013 edition of The Meal on Saturday 21 September and the launching days of 1000 pioneers for the planet on 20 and 21 September 2013 in Paris.

The Meal will take place between 12:00 and 15:00 on the embankment of the banks of the Seine in front of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

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The Meal aims to share a meal in several places in France and abroad. It is a festive moment to share values of solidarity by concretely supporting a project here or elsewhere while offering each participant the opportunity to meet other citizens involved in various associations.

This year’s The Meal will be organized at the same time as the 1000 pioneer event for the planet which will take place from 19 to 24 September 2013.

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The aim of this initiative is to highlight pioneers and innovative projects, whether in the field of the environment or in the context of social initiatives. These solidarity entrepreneurs will be honored to allow them to increase their actions and to inspire every citizen, wherever he may be, to become involved.

ENERGIES 2050 will participate in the presentation and exchange days on Friday 20 September afternoon from 2 to 5 pm and Saturday 20 September from 10 am to 5 pm on the banks of the Seine around the Mikado stage.

ENERGIES 2050 will also be participating in the launch evening on the Concorde Atlantique boat on Friday, September 20th.

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NERGIES 2050 is an active member of the Ecoaction 21 Network, a platform for exchange between actors of change in France and abroad.

Ecoaction 21 and Ecobase 21, the encyclopedia of sustainable development, are official partners of Operation The Meal and 1000 pioneers for the planet

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ENERGIES 2050 is also an active member of Réseau Entrepreneurs d’Avenir, which is an official partner of Operation 1000 pioneers for the planet

(access to the Entrepreneurs d’avenir website)

Entrepreneurs of the Future is a community of leaders committed to promoting a new model for business and society. Competitiveness must be combined with respect for the individual, his well-being at work and ethical, social and environmental standards. The Entrepreneurs d’avenir network offers its 700 members, business leaders, a framework for reflection, action and progress, as well as a platform for links and exchanges to communicate on their good practices in social responsibility . Entrepreneurs of the Future support “1000 pioneers who change the world”, an initiative that brings its ethical values and contributes to better living together – Jacques Huybrechts, Founder of Entrepreneurs d’Avenir

ENERGIES 2050 is proud to participate in this collective dynamic that participates in the building of a better, responsible and united future while respecting natural resources.

Join us, join these committed actors for this great citizen party and wish everyone to find his inspiration for a renewed action carrying tomorrows.

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