LEF issue 96-97

« The future at hand »

On the occasion of the number 96-97 of LEF (1st and 2nd quarter 2014), ENERGIES 2050 had the honor of participating in the review by writing two articles:

  • Energy transition and sustainable energy for all: turning the imperative into action as a collective opportunity (see page 34)
  • Cities and the World, the same destiny (see page 97)

By recalling the complex relationship between man and energy, and in particular his addiction to energy, the first article “Transitioning energy and sustainable energy for all: transforming the imperative into action as a collective opportunity” highlights the need to change of energy trajectory. He stressed the role of energy in climate change, but also its inequitable distribution, which brings us to the importance of the place of the energy issue in the post-2015 agenda of the United Nations. The article also demonstrates the extent to which the process of defining the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) is a new opportunity that humanity must grasp in order to accompany the energy transformation of our societies.

The second article, “Cities and the world, a common destiny”, highlights the significant pressure that cities exert on the environment and stresses the importance of the challenges they face, exacerbated by the consequences of climate change. It is intended as a contribution to the debate so that everyone can take stock of the challenges, realize the role of cities, but more importantly the opportunities for action they take in them with regard to the implementation of sustainable development.

ENERGIES 2050 article

Cities and the world, the same destiny

& Box by Régis LABEAUME: Sustainable development, a culture in the City of Québec (pp. 98-100)

What is the Revue Revue Liaison Énergie-Francophonie?

As a privileged support for the strategy of the Institut de la Francophonie for Sustainable Development (IFDD), a subsidiary organ of the Organization Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), for the dissemination of information, Liaison Énergie -Francophonie (EWL) is published quarterly. The quality of the contributions, the subjects covered and the diversity of subjects and opinions make this journal an essential instrument for the exchange of expertise and experience within the French-speaking area and also abroad.

The journal is distributed by mail (3,000 printed copies) and electronically to more than 4,000 decision-makers from government, scientific, industrial and civil society circles and is also available on the IFFD website (www.ifdd.francophonie.org/ressources/lef.php).

Stéphane POUFFARY, as Founder and Honorary President of ENERGIES 2050, has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the LEF magazine since April 2014. ENERGIES 2050 and various members of the association contribute regularly to the writing of articles within the IFFD’s LEF magazine.

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