Silent screams … erased laughter … the drama of Fukushima, remember to never forget …

11 March 2011, 11 March 2012, one year later … Japan is still crying its victims. The world remembers this earthquake followed by a powerful tsunami and a serious nuclear accident.
If the first two disasters could not be avoided, the third should not have happened.

Fukushima still resonates as the visible witness of the lightness and impunity of those who allow themselves to play with our future collective.

Our heart is sad for the 19,000 people who lost their lives or disappeared in natural disasters.

Our hearts are sad for the tens of thousands of people infected and the hundreds of thousands of displaced people who have been living far from home for a year.

Our hearts are sad for these devastated lands, contaminated beyond time and which will no longer resonate with laughter and moments of everyday life lost forever.

The silent cries of the contaminated people and the absence of missing persons should not be forgotten. These people are just asking us for a little bit of attention so that not all of us are going too fast.

They remind us that tomorrow Fukushima can arrive elsewhere and that everything should have been different.

Their silent cries, their erased laughter, remind us that to say nothing or do nothing would be to kill them again.

Remember that all of us could have been a contaminated Fukushima.

Remember to never forget. To mobilize so that Fukushima does not happen again.

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