Fifth edition of the International Initiative
«Shake Your Earth»

As part of the edition of Shake Your Earth! 2016, an international art exhibition was launched entitled “ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050“.

The theme of this exhibition, following the edition of Shake Your Earth! 2015 (“My climate today, my climate in 20 years, and me?”) was:

“Our climate today, our climate in 20 years, and we? “.


This international exhibition was inaugurated at the 22nd Conference of the Parties (CoP22) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which took place in Marrakech from 7 November to 18 November 2016.

Throughout the Conference, works of citizens from many countries of the world have been exhibited in the blue zone (accredited zone) on the Pavillon de la Francophonie, in the green zone (civil society area) on the Youth The Swiss Cooperation, as well as the ENERGIES 2050 stands (in the blue zone and the green zone) and those of our partners.

These works included a selection of creations received in the framework of the international artistic competition launched in 2015 under cover of the 4th edition of the international initiative “Shake Your Earth! “. The French-American artist Yaël ENIVEL, Artistic Director of ENERGIES 2050, also produced a series of artistic composition within the framework of the exhibition.

The theme of the exhibition, following the 2015 edition of Shake Your Earth! (“My climate today, my climate in 20 years, and me?”), Was “Our climate today, our climate In 20 years, and we? “.

From the 2015 edition to the 2016 edition, ENERGIES 2050 wanted to place the questioning of the individual in the collective. This declination in the plural was inspired in particular by the dynamics of COP 22, which was expected as the “Conference of Action” following the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, the first universal agreement on climate change. And in this collective movement, it became clear that the time of the individual is no longer on the agenda … It was during the two weeks of negotiations, and it is still today For all concerned, more than ever, to share knowledge, demonstrate the possibilities, build partnerships and leverage opportunities.

The program of activities of ENERGIES 2050 at CoP22 perfectly reflected this desire to build a shared, plural future, with universal values ​​and resolute solidarity.

The project

ENERGIES 2050 wants to put the citizen at the heart of the action because the stakes of sustainable, equitable and united development must be a priority for all. While being aware of the constraints and realities of each one, the ENERGIES 2050 association is convinced that each and every day can be the bearer of innovation and different futures, acting for the promotion of positive values.

This is what emerges from the ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 exhibition, built around the artistic contributions of citizens who are concerned, concerned and committed to the future of our planet.

ENERGIES 2050 is convinced that the emotion aroused by a work of art can constitute an invitation to action equivalent to, or even superior to, the force of persuasion of a discourse. This is all the more true for the citizen, who can easily feel completely overwhelmed, impotent, suspicious or even angry, through debates of experts in which he does not recognize himself or in situations that are sometimes presented to him as fatalities.

The objective of the exhibition was to give all citizens, especially young people, the opportunity to express themselves and participate in the global fight against climate change.

The artistic creations are sometimes funny, sometimes moving, but in any case they testify to the richness and diversity of the perception of realities but also the desire to act to fight the consequences of climate change here and elsewhere.

Art and culture to question and invite to action

Art could thus become a means for the greatest number to appropriate the essential stakes and changes to be put in place in our societies to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Art, and more broadly, culture, could constitute this essential link so that everyone can question, understand better, feel concerned and why not even instill the desire to act.

Beyond the public interest in the exhibition, ENERGIES 2050 chose to accompany it with participatory and inclusive debates to invite action based on a shared understanding of the challenges but also opportunities for action.

Building on the enthusiasm that the exhibition has generated among our partners and the public, ENERGIES 2050 has decided to put this initiative on a long-term basis with a double objective: first, Express in its own way in the face of issues that concern us all, but also to continue to reach the greatest number of individuals.

Thus, at the end of the COP22, the works making up the exhibition were made available to the partners of ENERGIES 2050 to continue the adventure beyond Marrakech.

The 2016 edition of the ART’s PLANET exhibition by ENERGIES 2050 has already enabled many artists to express themselves according to their talent, whether it be drawing, painting, comics, photography or Poems … We hope that the next edition will carry the same success and that it will include the same diversity of geographical and cultural horizons.

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