Fourth International Initiative
” Shake Your Earth “

For the 4th edition of “Shake Your Earth! “, ENERGIES 2050 launches an international citizen competition on the theme:

« My climate today, my climate in 20 years, and I? »

It will be a question for the citizens of the whole world, small and large, to testify, to share on the stakes, challenges and opportunities of actions. Everyone is free to express themselves on this subject via a drawing, a photo, a selfie (photo or video), a video or a poem.

“Shake Your Earth! “, what’s this ?

Launched in 2012 by ENERGIES 2050, the international initiative “Shake Your Earth! “Is a day that invites citizens from all over the world to exchange and debate on the climate, environmental, social and economic issues facing our societies on a different theme every year. The aim of the initiative is that every citizen of the planet, regardless of age, sex or nationality, may have the information and tools necessary for understanding, but also for action to participate To the transition towards a model of development more solidarity, respectful of man and the environment.

Why participate in the “Shake Your Earth!” contest?

Human beings are depleting Earth’s resources and emitting too many greenhouse gases, leading to increasingly worrying consequences for our environment, and also for man himself: desertification, drought, floods, Decline in agricultural yields, loss of natural resources … If we do nothing, climate change will result, among other things, in large population displacements, increased conflict risks, recurrent episodes of famine, The disappearance of biodiversity. It is more urgent than ever to act and implement solutions. The international community must commit itself and it will adopt a new international climate agreement in December 2015 at the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to be held in Paris.

The citizen is also an actor in the fight against climate change. We are all at the heart of solutions, we are all part of the solution.

Each problem is a new opportunity to reconsider our relationship to others and to development. Thousands of solutions are within our reach and could, put together end to end, radically transform our world for a better live together solidarity.

Climate change, therefore, is every one of us …. It is me, the others, my city, my country on this little planet of which we are all roommates. Acting is also testifying, sharing and proposing!

The citizen competition “Waits Your Earth! 2015, should enable everyone to witness the reality of the impacts of climate change today and what they could be tomorrow in 20 years. It is also an opportunity to tell a past, present and future story to testify to the creativity of Man and Nature, in order to multiply initiatives and inspire everyone on positive and promising futures future.

This contest must allow each of us, citizens of the planet, to say “I testify and I act! All, here or elsewhere, actors of change!

Useful Documents

To download the presentation of the Contest launched as part of the international initiative “Shake Your Earth”, 2015 edition:

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To download the rules of the competition launched in the framework of the international initiative “Shake Your Earth”, 2015 edition:

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