Second International Day
“Shake Your Earth”
28 Jun 2013

The adventure “Shake Your Earth!” keep on going !

After a successful first edition on June 8, 2012, ENERGIES 2050 and its partners have returned to success with the second edition “Shake Your Earth!” Which took place on 28 June 2013.

“Shake Your Earth!” is an initiative engaged in the construction of possibilities. We refuse to think that history is written. We are convinced that it is essential that everyone understands the value of transforming constraints into opportunities now and in the long term.

Today, the challenges remain, and the international community has not been able to agree on the answers to the challenges of sustainable development and the consequences of climate change.

Energy is at the heart of the challenges and constraints facing our societies. That is why we decided to deal with the energy issue for our second edition and we will discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities for action of the energy transition. The title of the day is:

Energy transition: For whom? Why ? How? and me ?

The project

As for the first edition, the initiative “Shake Your Earth!” took place at the same time all over the world and the event was organized by the partner associations in their local context.

Yaël, the artist who has already offered us our logo and poster of the first edition, offered us the poster of the second edition which will be taken up by all the partners of the initiative ( ).

Whether you are a student, citizen or member of an NGO, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this initiative. Join the College of Friends “Shake Your Earth!” and participate with us on the initiative!

“Shake Your Earth!” is meaningful only in being numerous to bear witness to our diversity and the plurality of our understandings.

“Shake Your Earth!” is a pillar of our vision of a resolutely different, plural and united world.

Come and build with all of our partners this collective adventure!

Useful Documents

To download the press release on the launch of the 2013 edition of the international initiative “Shake Your Earth”:

click here

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