Rio+20: What future for the planet?

On the occasion of the June-July 2012 issue of the journal Afrique Environnement Plus, a 10-page article was written by the ENERGIES 2050 organization entitled Rio+20: continuation and end and a planet still in crisis. the summary :

Rio de Janeiro, 22 June 2012. 20 years after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the United Nations organized a new World Conference on Sustainable Development called Rio + 20 in the same city from 20 to 22 June 2012 . This online article from Rio de Janeiro extends the previous article that presented the challenges and challenges as well as the preparatory process for this conference (see article “Challenges and Challenges of the World Conference on Sustainable Development 2012”, published in the issue of March-April 2012 from Africa Environment Plus). The final declaration that has been approved is also analyzed. The article is based on a series of publications and presentations made in recent months by ENERGIES 2050.

Download the analysis article by Stéphane POUFFARY, Founder and Honorary Chairman of ENERGIES 2050:

Rio+20: continuation and end and a planet still in crisis


Africa Environment Plus and ENERGIES 2050

On the sidelines of the Durban conference held at the end of 2011, ENERGIES 2050 and the magazine Afrique Environnement Plus decided to join forces to leverage their means of action in a partnership. This agreement concerns the dissemination of knowledge in order to invite anyone interested in issues related to sustainable development, climate change and energy challenges to take action.

Africa Environment Plus has its headquarters in the Democratic Republic of Congo and distributes its publications in Central, Western, Southern Africa and the Maghreb.

For its part, ENERGIES 2050 regularly disseminates the magazine Africa Environnement Plus in its networks so that each of us, whether North or South, can benefit from so many opportunities for knowledge.

As part of this partnership, ENERGIES 2050 contributes regularly to the issues of Africa Environnement Plus.

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