Plenary meeting of the Club France Sustainable development

16 June 2017 – Paris

ENERGIES 2050 participated in the plenary meeting of the Club France held on Friday 16 June in Paris.

This meeting, aimed in particular at updating the progress of the climate negotiations and the action of the non-state actors in favor of the implementation of the Paris Agreement, counted on the participation of several personalities involved in this dynamic.

Stéphane POUFFARY, honorary president of ENERGIES 2050, was also pleased to be included in the panel of speakers.

ENERGIES 2050 is a member and an elected member of the steering committee of the Club France Développement durable and a member of the Comité 21.

As such, our communication on the activities of Club France Sustainable Development & Committee 21 is also an invitation for each public or private actor to join this coalition oriented towards a common objective and for which ENERGIES 2050 subscribes without reserve.

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De gauche à droite : Damien Navizet - Gille Berhault - Brigitte Collet
De gauche à droite : Hakima El Haite - Gilles Berhault - Brigitte Collet
Hakima El Haite
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