Mobility for nearly-zero CO2

in Mediterranean tourism destinations

Project description

The Mediterranean territories are the subject of intense tourist flows that put strong pressure on transport infrastructure and global mobility, especially during the summer seasons. The impacts in terms of congestion are significant, with negative effects on air quality, increasing CO2 emissions, noise pollution, etc. In this context, adapted responses (sustainable urban mobility plans) to these seasonal tourist flows must be put in place. Alternatives (bus, train, bike …) viable must be offered to tourists traveling by private vehicle. For those arriving by sea or air, better integration between ports and airports and typical modes of transport shuttles, bicycles, etc. must also promote more sustainable mobility.

The European project MOBILITAS, supported by the European Commission within the framework of the Interreg-MED program, aims to promote low carbon mobility models in Mediterranean tourist areas, adopting methodologies that can subsequently be duplicated to a larger scale. Local and regional transport data as well as the solutions already in place are analyzed in order to propose adapted action plans. Different scenarios (scenario of normal course of business vs. scenarios incorporating packages of measures proposed) are developed and will allow decision-makers and other stakeholders to better evaluate the impact of the choices made, in a logic of transparency and monitoring that meets the issues of the MRV (Measure, Notify, Check). The partners of the MOBILITAS project also apply to promote the implementation of the recommended measures through a set of activities that will be offered to local authorities.

EthiCycle : the app

Download the ethicycle applicaction aiming to ease cycling in the Biot Antibes Villeneuve Loubet area (Alpes Maritimes):


step 01

  • Download APK file directly on the phone OR Download the APK file on the computer and transfer it to your mobile phone (with USB cable)

step 02

  • On the phone, go to the settings
  • Go to the “security” part
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” option to install an .apk file (file format representing an application packaged) that has not been downloaded to the Google Play Store
  • (if you do not have this option or if you have trouble finding it, try step 03, the phone may ask you automatically if you want to activate it)

step 03

  • Browse your phone (using a file explorer application like this one)
  • Double click on the .apk file
  • Install the application
  • An icon will be added to your home screen
  • The application is installed

Useful documents


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