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HARP is the acronym for “Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning”. HARP is a project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 framework which started in May 2019 and will run over 36 months. The project is implemented in 5 countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Germany) by 18 partners.

The main objective is to motivate European consumers to plan the replacement of their often old and energy-intensive heating appliances with more modern and efficient systems. The stakes are enormous because more than 126 million central heating systems (boilers) are installed in the EU.

The HARPa online tool is available

The HARP online tool, called HARPa, enables individuals to find out where their installed heating appliance fits on the energy label The tool also gives an overview of the most efficient alternatives available on the market, along with a list of their benefits, such as energy and costs savings, reduction of CO2 emissions, improvement of indoor air quality or noise reduction. Finally, the HARP online tool lists the incentives and financial support available at national level to replace inefficient heating appliances with a more efficient alternative. The application is available in two different versions, a basic one for consumers, and an advanced one dedicated to professionals who, in turn, will be coached to provide a more detailed guidance to consumers regarding the replacement solutions tailored to their needs. The application is available in English (on the European project site) and in German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese on the sites of national partners.


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Play and test your knowledge online with HARP

Two online games have been developed as part of the HARP project to allow you to test your knowledge and learn while having fun with family or friends.

1st game – Quiz “The Heat You Know!”

The Quiz, “The Heat You Know!” tests your knowledge and each question teaches you more about efficient heating. Here you will find interesting information on efficient heating, from general definitions to technical information, including the following keywords: Energy efficiency, Renewable energy, Fossil fuels, Energy labels, Rebound effect, Smart heating and energy saving behaviours, Efficient heating systems, Energy savings, Cost savings and CO2 emissions. This Quiz organized in 3 levels with around thirty questions and their educational answers will transform you into a real Jedi of the heat …

Access to the Quiz

2nd game – Memory game “Heat your memory”

“Heat your memory” is an adaptation of a standard online memory game.
This game will allow you to train your memory but also to learn about energy efficient heating technologies, energy labels and the savings that efficient heating technologies can provide in different European countries.
This second game will be available soon, for the next heating period. Be patient!

Available soon

HARP Presentation

Project leaflet

Project Brochure

Videos on the HARP project

Video 1 – Ever thought about planning the replacement of your current heating system?

Video 2 – Using your heating well is important for your wallet and for the planet

Video 3 – Presentation of HARP project – Heating Appliances Retrofit Planning




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Why is this important?

Heating and hot water represents 80% of the energy demand of EU households

60% of the heating stock consists of inefficient boilers (class C or lower)

Consumers are not informed about the efficiency of their installed heating systems

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