ethiCarbon® is based on participatory financing, with contributions that are proportional to the carbon footprint of each "contributor".

The funds given to this initiative are managed in a transparent manner and are used to finance projects selected for their high added value from socio-economic, adaptation and/or mitigation perspectives. ethiCarbon® is based on a new approach associated with the notion of a "dematerialized carbon unit" that gives a modular
value to carbon in terms of its economic, social, environmental and ethical performances. The entire self-assessment chain, from collection to implementation of projects or activities, is transparent and meets international Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) standards.
Projects of the ethiCarbon® initiative are presented below. They are implemented in partnership with vulnerable populations facing the realities of climate change, jointly by local organizations and ENERGIES 2050, which ensures among other the proper management and transparency of the funds collected.

Sahanivotry Hydro Power Plant (Madagascar)

The project concerns a run-of-river hydropower plant of 16.5 MW located on the river Ampamehana and connected to Antananarivo regional grid. It supplies the equivalent of 400 000 people with green electricity and avoids the emissions of 35k tons of C...

Improved cook stoves (Ghana)

The project aims at significantly reducing wood fuel consumption of Ghanaian users (households, communities, small and medium enterprises) by providing them with affordable improved cook stoves (ICS). Reduction in needs for wood energy relieves workl...

La ferme – Bambous (Mauritius)

The project « La Ferme - Bambous Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant » is a 15.2 MW solar photovoltaic power plant located in Eau Bonne, Bambous (Mauritius). It involves the setting up of 60,800 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to produce electricity, which...