Offset your emissions with certified carbon credits

You can offset your emissions by purchasing certified credits on official carbon markets. We have selected, below, a range of projects that have strong social and environmental values. These projects are based on various internationally recognized and official methodologies. They generate carbon credits that are certified according to international reporting and verification standards.

Please note that ENERGIES 2050, unless otherwise specified, is not involved in the implementation of these projects. Part of your contribution to ethiCarbon® will be used to support these projects through the purchase of the certified credits they generate. The remaining funds will be entirely allocated to the financing of ethiCarbon® projects (including a 5% contribution to the operating costs of the initiative). The amount allocated to purchase credits corresponds to the volume of carbon permits required to offset your emissions, multiplied by the official price of credits which can vary from one project to another. The ethical price of the carbon value makes it possible to balance all the activities.

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