ethiCarbon® is an international solidarity-based initiative...

launched by ENERGIES 2050 in 2011. It enables citizens, associations, businesses, cities and other actors to assess and then to offset their greenhouse gas emissions, through the financing of ethical and solidarity projects in vulnerable countries. ethiCarbon® thus contributes to raise global awareness around the issue of climate change and sustainable development while giving everyone the means to act in a fully transparent manner.

ethiCarbon®’s objectives are thus twofold.

First, it aims to raise knowledge among all users, regardless of their country of origin and situation, about the impacts of their activities on the climate system, and by this mean encourage the adoption of low-carbon, sober in resources, production and consumption patterns. Then, ethiCarbon® aims to support the financing of projects with high added value in vulnerable communities and countries, through mechanisms linked to solidarity and carbon compensation and finance.


ethiCarbon® initiative is therefore based on an innovative approach that gives just as much importance to:

  • the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;
  • adaptation actions that strengthen resilience of vulnerable communities and territories facing the current and future consequences of climate change;
  • the implementation of new development model through concrete sustainable development projects as well as societal and responsible engagement, including training, awareness-raising and capacity building activities.

Principles of operation

ethiCarbon® ® is based on participatory financing, each contribution being proportional to the carbon footprint of the "contributor". The funds allocated to this initiative are managed in all transparency by ENERGIES 2050, a French association experienced in the implementation of local and international projects. ethiCarbon®’s approach builds on the notion of "dematerialized carbon unit" that gives a modular value to carbon with regards to its economic, social, environmental and ethical costs. The entire self-assessment chain, from collection to implementation of projects or activities, is transparent and meets international Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) standards.

ethiCarbon® projects

...were selected for their high added value on the socio-economic and environmental (adaptation and/or mitigation) aspects. They are implemented in partnership with vulnerable populations facing the realities of climate change, jointly by local organizations and ENERGIES 2050, which ensures the proper management and transparency of the funds collected. All projects meet international transparency criteria, which allows the association, when relevant, to issue certified carbon credits

See the projects


Use ethiCarbon®:

three simple steps

To participate ethiCarbon®, simply follow these three simple steps:

1Calculate your carbon footprint

We have selected for you a set of carbon calculators, accompanied by some explanations, which will allow you to assess the carbon impact associated with your lifestyle and consumption. These are generic, non-commercial tools that all help to evaluate your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Assess your carbon footprint

Learn more about carbon footprints and climate change

2Evaluate the amount of your contribution to ethiCarbon®

Enter the result of your carbon footprint calculation in the dedicated space. The amount of your contribution to the ethiCarbon® initiative is calculated directly. The carbon price used here is voluntarily higher than that of the markets in order to be able to support projects with high social and environmental value, beyond the climate issue and for communities or situations of high vulnerability.

Evaluate your contribution

3Offset your emissions by financing solidarity-based development, adaptation and mitigation projects

Once you have determined the amount of your contribution (you can of course adjust this amount according to your resources, your possibilities or your desires), you have two options:

  • You can make a direct donation to the ethiCarbon® initiative. This grant will be used exclusively in the implementation of the initiative's projects. Only a fixed contribution of 5% of the amount will be used to fund the running costs of the initiative. Each donor will receive a certificate, attesting to its donation. As ENERGIES 2050 is an association whose registered office is in France, and which is a non-profit working strictly in the general interest, taxpayers (individuals and organisations) in France or Europe can benefit from a tax reduction under French or European rules. For example, the donation will be deductible from taxes to up to 66% for citizens residing in France
  • Make a direct donation to the initiative


  • You can offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits on official markets on a voluntary basis, up to the value of your footprint. For this purpose, we have selected for you a set of projects, in which ENERGIES 2050 does not intervene but which generate certified credits with a high social and environmental value. Part of your contribution to ethiCarbon® will be used to purchase these credits and to finance the associated project; you will receive, in return, a certificate of purchase of these credits. The rest of your contribution is then dedicated to the financing of ethiCarbon® projects (excluding 5% of the initiative's operating costs). Please note that in accordance with the rules related to the purchase of carbon credits, your contribution is not deductible from taxes.
  • Buy carbon credits on the official markets

    And then what?

    ENERGIES 2050 guarantees the full use of funds collected towards the implementation of projects listed under the "Projects Portfolio" tab.

    Reports of activities will be regularly shared with contributors for transparency and monitoring and evaluation of performance of the actions carried out.