The purpose of ethiCarbon Afrique® is to contribute to a genuine African energy revolution. It aims to enhance the continent’s energy transition, improving the quality of life and supporting a resilient, low-carbon and supportive society while meeting the imperatives of solidarity within and between generations.

Initiated by the founders of the non-profit, non-governmental organization ENERGIES 2050 and of the African Society of Biofuels & Renewable Energy (SABER-ABREC), ethiCarbon Afrique® makes the connection between men, women, businesses and organizations both from North and South seeking solidarity and concerned about what kind of Earth we will be leaving to our children, and willing to contribute to a fairer and climate-resilient world. More specifically, it supports African people who are facing these changes, and must adapt and adopt more sustainable and efficient patterns of energy production and consumption.

With ethiCarbon Afrique®, everyone has the opportunity to evaluate his/her carbon footprint and finance concrete projects in Africa on the basis of a solidarity carbon pricing.

Ultimately, the following fourfold objectives are targeted:

  1. Contribute to eradicate energy poverty by providing each household with access to quality, sustainable energy services, and at an acceptable economic cost
  2. Contribute to develop energy independence for all the continent’s countries with, when necessary, appropriate regional approaches
  3. Contribute to initiate an industrial revolution for green technologies to meet with the present and future energetic needs of people as well as businesses while being designed, manufactured and marketed locally
  4. Contribute to a low-carbon and resilient development of African countries while contributing to global efforts to reduce greenhouse gases by focusing on renewable resources rather than fossil resources

To accomplish this, the initiative is based on 3 pillars:

  • Develop a strategy of energy sobriety whenever it is possible
  • Create the conditions for increasing energy efficiency in production as well as in the various uses
  • Develop the use of renewable energies in order to ultimately contribute to making Africa a 100% renewable energy continent.

ethiCarbon Afrique®, a global approach, sustainable and based on solidarity

  • ethiCarbon Afrique® wishes to register everyone’s efforts into a supportive and long term perspective, by endeavouring to limit emissions of GHG, and most importantly focusing on behaviour changes in order for the actions implemented to last over time.
  • The ethiCarbon Afrique® initiative is intended to all types of actors (individuals, businesses, local governments, non-profit organizations) willing to commit themselves to limiting the environmental impact of their activities, trips, events, etc.
  • Each actor has the possibility to estimate the GHG emissions associated with their activities and to balance them by supporting carbon solidarity activities implemented under the ethiCarbon Afrique® initiative.

ethiCarbon Afrique® offers a comprehensive approach of North-North and North-South solidarity, including:

  • the implementation of on-field mitigation actions to reduce GHG emissions;
  • the realization of adaptation activities aiming to abetter resilience of African countries and communities to the unavoidable impacts of climate change;
  • accompanying behavioral changes through various solidarity activities and a social responsibility and involvement of the actors (including through training, awareness raising and capacity building).

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