Our lifestyles and consumption patterns have a significant impact on global greenhouse gas emissions.


Start by assessing the carbon footprint of your activities using a calculator.

There are many of them, but they often contain very different elements that are applicable to more or less specific contexts or activities or to specific countries or regions. There is no universal calculator that covers all situations and countries. To help you and to simplify things, we provide here a selection of calculators that combine scientific rigour and a broad, even international, geographical coverage. We have chosen free and easy to use tools. The framework for their development was also analysed to ensure a rigorous update.

ethiCarbon® is independent and is, in no way, associated with these calculators.


Henkel footprint calculator

calculate the annual carbon footprint associated with your lifestyle

This calculator will allow you to evaluate in a very simple way the carbon impact associated with your lifestyle. It is divided into several sections such as your domestic habits (energy and water consumption, etc.), your diet, your mobility, as well as your holidays and leisure activities. It is available in French and English.



Calculate in a simplified way the carbon impact of various activities

This simplified calculator will allow you to evaluate the carbon footprint associated with one or several flights, the vehicle you use, your domestic energy consumption or the conferences you organize. This can be done for an individual trip, for example, or for your activities over a given period of time. This calculator is available in French and English.

Coolclimate calculator

(University of Berkeley – In English only)


This comprehensive calculator will allow you to calculate the carbon footprint associated with your modes of transports, your home, your food and your consumption. It is applicable in any country, but you will also have the opportunity to compare your footprint with the average household living in the United States. To facilitate your calculations, do not hesitate to switch to metric system in the "settings" section.

Coolclimate calculator

(University of Berkeley – In English only)


Coolclimate also has a carbon calculator specifically designed for businesses. Calculations are based on the size of the company, the transportation habits of its employees, its offices and other facilities, and its procurement policy. You can also compare your carbon footprint with the average per state in the United States (for companies located outside the United States, you can select a state randomly in the Intro section - This does not change the calculation and is only used for benchmarking).


For those who want to go further

More specific calculators also exist to calculate, for example, the carbon footprint associated with a flight or a cooking recipe (french only). Hoteliers also have at their disposal a dedicated calculator, developed as part of the Greenkey eco-label.

Links to other calculators are also provided below: