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An Innovative Carbon Initiative
for an Africa in Transition
resilient and solidarity

I feel concerned, I calculate my carbon footprint,
I am in solidarity, I act


Bed and Breakfast


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Tourist or
business trips

Click the calculator button that matches your status, or the activity you want to assess carbon emissions.

You will get at the end of the calculation an amount that corresponds to the solidarity price of your greenhouse gas emissions.

You will then have the opportunity to balance them by making a donation for mitigation or adaptation projects in Africa.

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  • An ethical and solidarity carbon price
  • Strong social and environmental value
  • Certified, measurable and measurable adaptation and mitigation projects
  • Known and recognized actors for a transparent initiative

Why this initiative?

Africa has a treasure trove of natural and human resources, particularly in the energy field. However, the continent still faces energy poverty, characterized in particular by unequal access and frequent power cuts or in supply or a price of energy that is too expensive (sometimes the most expensive in the world!) Compared to living standards.

Faced with this fact, two men of passion and field – the founders of the association ENERGIES 2050 and the African Society of Biofuels and Renewable Energies (SABER-ABREC) – concerned about the future of our small planet and active in the fields of renewable energies and energy transition for decades, have created ethiCarbon Africa®. While the consequences of climate change are likely to be catastrophic, particularly in highly vulnerable African countries, this initiative is designed to contribute to a genuine African energy revolution based on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy efficiency. access to energy.

Compared to existing “carbon offsetting” initiatives, ethiCarbon Africa® has the particular feature of not only targeting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, but also solidarity, while at the same time focusing on the societal involvement of all stakeholders in the long term.

How it works ?

The entry point of the initiative is a tool in the form of a calculator. The user first chooses the type of activity for which he wants to calculate the corresponding emissions.

For example, citizens may be interested in their domestic emissions of greenhouse gases, or those produced by their last vacation abroad.

A professional can calculate the programs produced during an event he organized or those produced during a business trip; a hotelier its programs to the year or those corresponding to an overnight stay, etc.

After calculating its emissions using the calculator, the user is invited to reduce his greenhouse gas emissions and to make a donation corresponding to his emissions (or an amount of his choice) to support the implementation of projects in Africa.

For who ?

Tons of carbon sold through ethiCarbon Afrique® are certified and can be used by both ordinary citizens and businesses as part of an ethical approach and by organizations with legal obligations to reduce their GHG emissions.

How is the price of carbon set?

The ethiCarbon® approach is based on the notion of a “dematerialized carbon unit”, which gives a modular value to carbon in terms of its economic, social, environmental and ethical performance. It proposes to everyone to have a solidarity based approach based on a measurement of the carbon footprint of an activity as close as possible to the daily reality of each user.

The price fixed is an “ethical and solidarity” price (currently € 30 / tonne) which is deliberately different from the prices observed on regulated carbon markets to finance concrete adaptation and mitigation projects.

What projects are funded through ethiCarbon Afrique®?

The initiative operates in two phases. To offer users tons of carbon certified according to recognized methodologies, the founding partners of ethiCarbon Africa® collaborate with Aera group (formerly ecosur africa), which has a record carbon credit projects registered on the African continent.

Among these, the first projects chosen for the ethiCarbon Afrique® initiative, which feed it in certified tonnes of CO2, are:

  • A small “run-of-the-river” hydropower plant in Madagascar
  • A solar photovoltaic power plant in Mauritius
  • A system for the treatment of effluents from a sugarcane distillery in Uganda

Two adaptation projects were also selected for the ethiCarbon Afrique® initiative:

  • A program of improved homes in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • A program of improved households in Ghana

The money collected through the initiative is then used equally for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation projects. These include renewable energy projects, energy efficiency, adaptation and social action for vulnerable populations, especially women, implemented on the African continent and selected by the council of the ethiCarbon Afrique® initiative.

Transparency and a guarantee of the use of donations

The system is based on the main carbon methodologies of the mandated markets (methodologies under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the voluntary market – VCS Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard). These are methodologies that are transparent and internationally recognized and are independent of SABER-ABREC or ENERGIES 2050. This transparency is intended to avoid possible double counting and possible suspicion. The string is virtuous and complies with the strictest auditing rules.

Beyond the operating costs of the initiative, the funds will be fully used equally for the implementation of concrete and measurable mitigation and adaptation projects, in a permanent spirit of solidarity.

ethiCarbon Afrique® has a governance council which guarantees the objectives of the initiative, the transparency of the methodologies used and the reality of renewable energy projects, energy efficiency and carbon solidarity. The members are well known African and international personalities and recognized for their ethical messages.

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The genesis of the initiative: ethiCarbon®, the ENERGIES 2050 carbon initiative

Originally, ENERGIES 2050 developed the international carbon initiative called ethiCarbon®. Without any geographical restriction, it aims to act sustainably and in solidarity on our modes of consumption and production so that they become sober in carbon. The aim is to propose a comprehensive package that includes measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, carbon offset projects and various social solidarity activities aimed at putting everyone’s efforts on track over the long term.

The carbon initiative is aimed at all types of actors – individuals, companies, communities, associations, … – willing to commit themselves to limit the environmental impact of their activities, routes, events …

Initially, ethiCarbon® is aimed more specifically at tourist accommodation services. This offer includes actions to accompany the hotels concerned so that they reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Voluntary carbon offsetting and carbon equilibrium actions have also been implemented to complement social actions in the North and South.

Voluntary offset projects are carried out under the cover of official international methodologies (Clean Development Mechanism, VCS or Gold Standard).

In 2014, ENERGIES 2050 submits its first carbon mitigation project, while projects in developing countries are being studied. During the transitional period, the association proposes to make available to its partners certified reduction certificates from approved projects using renewable energy and using energy-efficient technologies.

This initiative, developed by ENERGIES 2050, fully contributes to the Global Initiatives for Low-carbon Tourism Destinations, for green growth and contribution to sustainable development goals.

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