The Challenges of the Great Transition in Africa

Issues, thoughts and perspectives


This reflection note is accompanied by a video recorded around a discussion between Antoine ANTONINI, in charge of projects within the ENERGIES 2050 association and Stéphane POUFFARY, Founder and Honorary President of the association (available on the YouTube channel of the association: ENERGIES2050WebTV). It also complete an article produced by ENERGIES 2050 in the journal Afrique Environnement Plus. Some of the projects carried out in Africa by ENERGIES 2050 are presented in this video, this article and this note. Beyond these initiatives, it is also about showing the treasure of opportunities that Africa has to meet the challenge of the Great Transition. Treasures too often unsuspected, little or not recognized… For ENERGIES 2050, Africa certainly has challenges to face, but it also has innumerable possibilities of actions, capable to transform the great development trajectories of our societies in the scale of our planet.

In a few years, ENERGIES 2050 activities have, for the most part, been territorialised in Africa. This setting in motion was carried out in a partnership approach with a number of African actors, be they national or local government institutions (local authorities, cities, etc.), private or public companies, universities, networks of actors, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs), etc. For more than six years now, Africa Environnement Plus and ENERGIES 2050 have set up a strong partnership on numerous activities in Africa and abroad. This knowledge of the field refined by the experience allows the association to implement projects with strong potential for innovation, as close as possible to the realities of the African territories.

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