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I feel concerned I support, I act

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Whatever your personal or professional situation, whether you are an expert or a citizen, whether you are from the North or the South, we invite you to join ENERGIES 2050! We can not work without your support, be it moral, material, financial or volunteer your time or expertise to serve the social purpose of the association.

make a donation

ENERGIES 2050 can not function without your financial contribution

Your support is essential to guarantee our financial independence and our ability to act

Thank you for spreading our call to your relatives and friends.

Thank you also to those who already support us.

ENERGIES 2050 continues to operate solely on a project, donation and membership basis. We do not received any operating grants from the public or the private sector. This situation guarantees us a total independence and we are very proud of it. We thank in advance those able to do so to bring a support essential to the continuity of our activities & a huge thank you to those who already support us.

Joining ENERGIES 2050’s community by contributing or making a donation helps the association to achieve its social objective and set up its actions on the long term. Every contribution is important to reinforce our means for action. To make a donation is to become, in fact, a member of the association.

You are an individual, you can make a donation / contribute / support:


Through our secured PayPal platform that you can use even without a PayPal account, using a direct payment with credit/debit card

By check

Returning by mail the attached form

By bank transfer

In this case, please contact us so we can forward to you ENERGIES 2050’s bank details, which you will use to set up the transfer

You are an association or a company, you can make a donation / contribute / support:


Joining ENERGIES 2050 will allow you to:

  • Support our societies’ necessary transition by promoting a social and solidarity economy as well as a more responsible consumption and production patterns, thus bringing more equitable accesses to wealth and jobs, and enhancing economic, social and environmental performances.
  • Support the implementation of concrete and scalable projects in our various fields of intervention: Sustainable Development; Climate; Natural resources, agriculture and the environment; Sustainable Cities, Buildings and Territories; the Energy Transition; Social and Solidarity Economy; Gender; Citizens’ Involvement.
  • Contribute to building up technical knowledge towards professionals, public institutions and citizens.
  • Build up with us the opportunities and actions of tomorrow.

Thank you in advance to those who will commit with us and who will support the collective adventure of ENERGIES 2050.

If you are a legal person or a company and if you want to support ENERGIES 2050’s activities, please contact us, we will reply as early as we can.

Tax advantage

ENERGIES 2050 is a non-profit association working strictly for the general interest and, hence, taxable people and organizations based in France can receive a tax reduction certificate (your contribution or donation being without any counterpart, every payment is considered as donation to support the activities of the association).

For Individuals donors in France and in Europe :

ENERGIES 2050 is an association whose head office is in France and acting non-profit and working exclusively in the general interest. As such, taxpayers and organizations in France or in Europe can benefit from a tax reduction according to the French or European regulations (your membership fee or donation being without any counterpart, all the sums paid are considered as gifts to support the activities of the association).

For example, if you are an individual taxpayer in France:

66% of your support is deductible from your tax within the limits of 20% of your taxable income. If the 20% limit is exceeded, the tax reduction can be spread over a total period of 5 years, enhancing the possibility for strong support.

Example: After tax reduction, a 20€ donation will only cost you 6.80€. For example, if you want to give 30€, you can consider giving 90€ because the government will pay you back 59.40€.

For example, if you are a taxable company in France:

60% of your support is deductible from the corporate tax or from the income tax within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover. Your support can also be reported over a period of five years if the 0.5% limit is exceeded or if your company does not have to pay any tax during the year in which the support is made.

Transform your online purchases into a support act

The Help Freely Foundation is an initiative that assumes that working with an association should be simpler and an integral part of our daily lives.

To this end, it brings together associations such as ENERGIES 2050 with online sales partners who undertake to repay part of the amount of purchases made in charitable funds in favor of these associations.

It is important to specify that the prices on the partner sites are the same as by passing directly through the merchant sites (the prices are therefore without any increase).

Registration on the site is simple, fast and totally free.

To maximize the impact of your purchases on our activities, we suggest an enrollment sponsored by an ENERGIES 2050 member (see below). A bonus on the percentages paid by the merchant sites on which you will make your purchases will be donated to the association.

To register:

  • Go to the link http://helpfree.ly/j19229 (direct link for an ENERGIES 2050 sponsorship)
  • Fill in the registration form
  • Click on “register as user”.

Then choose ENERGIES 2050 as beneficiary association:

  • On the site helpfreely, go to your profile page, then in the “Associations” section
  • Click on the box “Main Association”
  • A search engine appears. Search for ENERGIES 2050 and confirm your choice.


BONUS: You can also install the Helpfreely toolbar which allows you to indicate in real time whether the shop you are browsing will allow you to collect charitable funds.

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