Doha 2012: What future for Kyoto?

On the occasion of the November-December 2012 issue of the magazine Afrique Environnement Plus, an article was written by ENERGIES 2050 entitled Doha, a breakdown of inspiration … chronicle of a climate crisis announced, here is the context (excerpt from the article):

This issue of Africa Environment Plus will be released a few days after the end of the Doha Conference which took place in Qatar from 26 November to 7 December 2012. It will also be released a few days before the end of 2012 which will remain a year very particular in the history of mankind. Thus, speaking about Doha decisions is also and above all about our history of yesterday and today and our collective ability to build a society and a future that is fairer, more supportive and respectful of natural resources. Each of us, regardless of his country of origin or his personal situation, knows that Doha has not lived up to the stakes and challenges. And yet, Doha took place in a particular international context with repeated extreme weather events and a very precise awareness of the risks our societies run if nothing is done to alter the trajectory of our gas emissions. greenhouse effect (GHG). Everyone knew the past history and the possible future history … despite this, Doha visibly missed his appointment and the conference ended with more questions than answers. It is advisable not to give up, because it would give reason to the skeptics, the pessimists, the egoists and the irresponsible. As I have already written many times, the story is not yet finished and there are still other chapters to write. This article has been drafted in this spirit. It is not intended to examine in detail all decisions taken or even non-decisions. The purpose of the text below is to tell a story of what might have been Doha, to remember that these are serious and serious things, and that we are writing history for several centuries. come. It is a simple contribution so that everyone does not forget what we are talking about. So that each one re-appropriates the stakes and the challenges but also and especially the opportunities of action.

Download the analysis article by Stéphane POUFFARY, Founder and Honorary Chairman of ENERGIES 2050:

Doha, a breakdown of inspiration … chronicle of a climate crisis announced

Africa Environment Plus and ENERGIES 2050

On the sidelines of the Durban conference held at the end of 2011, ENERGIES 2050 and the magazine Afrique Environnement Plus decided to join forces to leverage their means of action in a partnership. This agreement concerns the dissemination of knowledge in order to invite anyone interested in issues related to sustainable development, climate change and energy challenges to take action.

Africa Environment Plus has its headquarters in the Democratic Republic of Congo and distributes its publications in Central, Western, Southern Africa and the Maghreb.

For its part, ENERGIES 2050 regularly disseminates the magazine Africa Environnement Plus in its networks so that each of us, whether North or South, can benefit from so many opportunities for knowledge.

As part of this partnership, ENERGIES 2050 contributes regularly to the issues of Africa Environnement Plus.

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