Paris Agreement on Climate Change:
From Commitment to Action

Europe, my region and I

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For more than 40 years, humanity has become aware of the limitations of its model of development and the international community is mobilizing on the subjects of sustainable development and the environment through conferences, intergovernmental debates and The framework of multi-action programs (Agenda 21, Combating climate change, Millennium Development Goals, Summit of Solutions, etc.).

In this context, the year 2015 was to mark an important turning point in the construction of our collective future. Not only was the adoption of a new international climate agreement at the Conference of the Parties in Paris at the end of the year, Agenda Post-2015 with the adoption, in September 2015, of the Sustainable Development Objectives (ODD). Civil society is heavily involved in defining these new objectives, but it will also be a matter for citizens to contribute to their implementation.

It is in this perspective that the European Union has appointed 2015 as the European Year of Development, and for the first time in three decades devotes a European year to part of its external policy: development aid and Cooperation.

As the main financier of international development aid, Europe will have a crucial role to play in the implementation of the SDGs, on its territory but also in the countries of the South.

The year 2015 thus represented an unavoidable opportunity to put the citizen at the heart of debates and action and to provide him with the necessary keys to his involvement in the implementation of a development model that is more respectful of the environment. Man and the planet.

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Within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals project: why, for whom, how? Europe, my region and I, supported by the ENERGIES 2050 association, with the support of the PACA Region, a citizen’s guide on the Sustainable Development Objectives was designed with the following objectives:

  • To highlight the various means of action available to citizens to contribute to the SDGs, whether through their daily consumption patterns and behaviors only through participation in the European democratic process.
  • Strengthen the understanding of the citizens of the PACA region on the actions and policies carried out by the European Union for development, by presenting the stakes but also the opportunities for actions represented by the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs).
  • To encourage the citizens, and more particularly the citizens of the PACA region, a desire to act in favor of sustainable development and greater solidarity with the countries of the South.
  • Promote the expression and participation of citizens on the themes of development and international solidarity, by promoting citizens’ testimonies in the Guide on SDGs.
  • Promoting the values ​​of citizenship and solidarity on a European scale and thus accompanying the collective construction of a resolutely more sustainable and solidary future in Europe

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A guide to understanding and acting

The adoption of the Sustainable Development Objectives by the United Nations is the result of a long process, since sustainable development has been at the heart of the problems of our societies and international negotiations for more than 20 years.

Since 1992 and the third Earth Summit in Rio, the commitments made by the international community have not ceased to be strengthened, but progress has remained too modest in comparison with the many challenges. Whether economic, social or environmental, repeated crises are now exacerbated by the consequences of climate change, the anthropogenic origin of which is no longer in doubt.

Faced with these multiple challenges that can no longer be ignored, we have no choice but to make a transition to societies that are more respectful of man and his environment. However, this transition can only happen if all of us feel concerned about the future of our planet and, by extension, the future of our societies.

By decrypting the challenges of the Sustainable Development Objectives for the citizen, this Pedagogical Guide aims to contribute to the awareness of everyone, so that sustainable development is no longer perceived as a simple subject of discussion and debate but is definitively integrated In our everyday practices.

Our future combines with the present, here and elsewhere, and each of us has his own score to play. We are all actors of change!

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Educational sheets

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A portfolio of citizen contributions

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Citizenship Meetings

April / May 2016

Coffee transition

Thursday 23 June 2016
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