ENERGIES 2050 at Katowice

from 2 to 14 December 2018

for the 24th World Climate Conference (COP24)

The 24th World Climate Conference (COP24) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will take place in Katowice (Poland) from the 3nd to the 14th of December 2018.

Key moment of the international agenda, this global conference will take place as extreme weather events intensify and as social, environmental and economic crises remind us each day of the urgency to act. At the heart of the challenges of sustainable development and of a future that we want to be positive and based on solidarity, this major event must also allow stakeholders, at all levels, to testify and to reaffirm their commitment to act and raise the collective ambition, which remains largely insufficient.

ENERGIES 2050 association will be present and deeply involved during the next COP24, as it has already been at previous COP and in particular those of Paris in 2015 (COP21), Marrakesh in 2016 (COP22) and Bonn in 2017 (COP23).


As accredited observer under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), ENERGIES 2050 is a recognized player in the fight against climate change. The association had the privilege of supporting several African countries in the preparation of their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC) and in the preparation of preparatory files for submission to the Green Climate Funds. ENERGIES 2050 is involved in several countries and territories for the implementation of low carbon development strategies. Our approach is to prioritize adaptation while increasing co-benefits in terms of mitigation.

Our COP 24 programme


Our COP 24 Pavilions

ENERGIES 2050 Pavilion – Country Area (Floor E – #10)

ENERGIES 2050 Booth – Civil Society Area

ART’s PLANET 2018 exhibition

Participate and exhibit your personal/citizen and artistic contributions as part of the 2018 edition of the ART’s PLANET initiative on the theme:

Climate – Development – Solidarity: 7 billion humans, 7 billion solutions

Every one of us can participate whether we are simple citizens or artists. All types of expressions and arts will be represented: Photo, Painting, Drawing, Comics, Video, Music…

The objective is to be as many as possible and to offer citizens, and in particular young people and the artistic community, the opportunity to express themselves and participate, each one in its own way, to the major challenges our societies are facing.

access the dedicated page and online forms

2018 edition of the

Guide to Climate Change Negotiations

For the 5th consecutive year (since COP20 in Lima), ENERGIES 2050 has been selected to realize the Guide to Climate Change Negotiations and its Summary for decision makers published by the Institute of la Francophonie for Sustainable Development (IFDD), a subsidiary body of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF).

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To learn more about COP24

One of the main objectives of COP24 will be to finalize and adopt a set of decisions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Many points are on the agenda: validation of procedures, raising of ambition, financing, adaptation … The facilitation dialogue also called the Talanoa Dialogue will also be central to accompany the implementation of national commitments.

Our COP21, COP22 et COP23 pages


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