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Youth and the citizen to the rescue of Carbon: «ethiCarbon Africa®: innovation, ethics and carbon mechanisms to support the African energy transition and improve the resilience of the continent

09 November 2016 - Youth Section of Swiss Cooperation

Aware of the need to go beyond the existing carbon mechanisms, the ethiCarbon Africa® initiative is an innovative tool of “carbon solidarity” in the service of Africa. Launched on December 6, 2015, in Paris on the occasion of the COP21, ethiCarbon Afrique® aims to enable everyone, regardless of their country of residence and sector of activity, to calculate their emissions Greenhouse gas emissions and to balance them on the basis of an “ethical and solidarity price” for carbon.

EthiCarbon Africa® favors “mixed” projects with co-benefits in terms of both adaptation and mitigation. EthiCarbon Afrique®, which aims to contribute to the African energy revolution by financing concrete projects on the continent, low carbon and high environmental, social and ethical value. Testimonies of youth initiatives in Africa and Europe will illustrate the debates.


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