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Side event

Water in all its forms, managing scarcity and sharing solutions: youth at the heart of action and Launch of the 2nd edition of the report on “Challenges and challenges facing the Mediterranean facing climate change

11 November 2016 - Youth Section of Swiss Cooperation

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The world is thirsty … Water is a valuable and rare commodity that a large part of humanity does not have sufficient access to. Whether it is for food or everyday use, water is still an indispensable commodity. While some are severely lacking in water, others are overconsumed. As citizens, we can make a significant contribution to reducing our water consumption, optimizing our daily choices and reducing our water footprint.

In this context, awareness raising and awareness-raising are the first steps to achieve lasting and meaningful impact. “Think global, act locally” is one of the basic principles of sustainable development: global challenges can only be addressed through solutions that are shaped at the local level. This event will highlight the opportunities for action and the need to involve children and young people in the education of the “great” and in the change of our patterns of consumption. We will present among others the project AquaPath which has developed educational and playful awareness and training materials accessible to the youth: calculator of water footprint, games for children, video, etc.

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