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Sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean … an essential contribution to the heart of the low carbon development strategies of the territories

November 12, 2016 - Territoires area

The Mediterranean coasts accounted for 31% of international tourist arrivals in 2011, and this figure has surpassed 35% in previous years. Revenues from international tourism reached € 190 billion, representing approximately 26% of the total worldwide. In this context, the tourism sector is both an important emitter of greenhouse gases, while being strongly impacted by the consequences of climate change.

In the future, tourism can and should play a major role in moving towards resilient and carbon-neutral territories in the Mediterranean. An abundance of initiatives has been launched with a direct or indirect focus on the Mediterranean basin. As part of the neZEH project “Hotels near Zero Energy”, sixteen pilot hotels in seven European countries, including five Mediterranean countries (France, Croatia, Greece, Italy and Spain) have committed themselves to implementing comprehensive renovation programs To strive for excellence in energy efficiency. More generally, green tourism initiatives are taking place in the North as well as in the South and in the East of the basin and bear witness to the role of tourism as a lever for transition.


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