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Sustainable development goals and climate change: new challenges, new challenges for youth. Mobilize in the long term, in the Mediterranean and elsewhere

16 November 2016 - Youth Section of Swiss Cooperation

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The ENERGIES 2050 association and its partners place the citizen and especially the youth at the heart of debates on climate change and sustainable development, giving them the means to learn and understand to take action. This action is a contribution to the collective construction for which many actors are already mobilized. However, in order to go beyond punctual and / or sometimes emotional action, ENERGIES 2050 and its partners advocate a systemic approach to development. In practice, once the citizen, and in particular the young person, understands the interrelations between all the subjects, he can become the spokesperson for this great cause, which can not be dealt with on an ad hoc and sectoral basis.

The citizen can then also seize the innumerable levers of action while acting here and elsewhere, today and tomorrow and in solidarity. We all have a treasure trove of opportunities to act! For this, ENERGIES 2050 has published an educational guide on the Sustainable Development Objectives for the attention of the citizen. By decrypting the SDG issues for the citizen, this guide aims to contribute to the awareness of everyone, so that sustainable development is no longer seen as a simple subject of discussion or debate for specialists but is definitely integrated into Our everyday practices.

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