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Side event

Rethink Carbon as a tool for development and solidarity: innovation, ethics and carbon mechanisms to support the energy transition in Africa and the least developed countries and improve their resilience

16 November 2016 - Moulouya Room

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Adaptation has become a global goal enshrined in the Paris Agreement. Despite this significant progress, ambition and initiatives must continue to grow to support countries in their development strategies, including the NDCs, taking into account their national realities. Taking into account this need and the desire to go beyond the existing carbon credit mechanism, this Conference will be the subject of a needs analysis and will present promising initiatives, including ethiCarbon Africa®, which is a tool Of solidarity for Africa.

The objective is to allow everyone, professional or private, without regard to the country of origin or its sector of activity, to offset its GHG emissions with an ethical and solidarity price. The funds are then reinvested in adaptation and mitigation projects in Africa. Comparable and already implemented initiatives will be presented with a particular focus on Africa. The objective of the Conference will be, in particular, to go beyond these existing initiatives by pooling experiences and successes, all under the prism of the UNFCCC MNV (Measuring, Notifying, Verification) methodology, Gap between adaptation needs and mitigation of countries with the objectives of the international community.

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