Official Side event

Rethinking carbon as a tool for development and solidarity: innovation, ethics and mechanisms to support the African energy transition and improve the resilience of the continent

Organized by the OIF/IFDD

09 November 2016 - OIF / IFDD space - blue zone

The stakes of carbon measurement are at the heart of the Paris agreement. The valuation of emission reductions is also central because it is about being able to transform climate performance into economic performance and support mechanisms to support the low-carbon development of developing countries. However, carbon “measurement” does not take into account the challenges of adaptation, which is at the heart of the national priorities and realities of developing countries.

This event will be an opportunity to present the stakes, the dynamics in progress and the necessary innovation to be put in place. It will also be an opportunity to present the ethiCarbon Afrique® initiative, which is an innovative tool of “carbon solidarity” in the service of Africa.

In view of the need to go beyond the existing carbon mechanisms, the objective of the initiative is to enable everyone, regardless of their country of residence and sector of activity, to calculate their gas emissions And to balance them on the basis of an “ethical and solidarity price” for carbon.


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