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Presentation of publication

Presentation of the Guide to Negotiations on Climate Change for Citizens and Guide to SDGs for Citizens

“Guides pour agir” collection – ENERGIES 2050

15 November 2016 - Club de France Pavillon

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The literature on international negotiations is abundant, but there are few documents available to the citizen to invite him to understand the complexity of the process. Depending on the way things are presented, the citizen is often led to position himself or herself on the sandstones of her emotions, the talent of the speakers or the ability to stage more or less legitimate words on these questions. In fact, he can easily feel totally overwhelmed, angry, impotent, distrustful or dejected by expert debates in which he does not always recognize himself or in situations that are sometimes presented to him as fatalities.

It is in this context that ENERGIES 2050 published in the framework of the COP22 two pedagogical guides for the attention of the citizen, on the international climate negotiations for the one and the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) For the other, with a desire for accessibility to youth. The purpose of this guide is to provide information on the processes, challenges and challenges of international actors, while linking these high-level negotiations to the daily life of each of us at the local level. There are many challenges, but there are many opportunities for action. They are fully part of the solutions that must be implemented to move towards a world that is more respectful of natural resources, low carbon, solidarity and equitable.

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