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Side event

New ways and new forms of mobilization of youth. Make the fight against climate change a great cause universal solidarity & Presentation: Energy Transition, Knowing and Sharing to Act – Benchmark Series

Realized for and in partnership with the IFDD

17 November 2016 - Youth Section of Swiss Cooperation

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Our societies face repeated crises, be it political, social, economic, ecological or climate change. Population growth, human predation on natural resources and inequalities and poverty affecting a significant proportion of the world’s population are amplifying the consequences that are increasingly visible and irreversible. Many people even think that the survival of the world as we know it is at stake. However, far from being a fatality, these crises may also be a tremendous opportunity to re-question our model of development And our consumption and production patterns.

The opportunities of this early 21st century are many. Everywhere initiatives are created to sensitize, inform and share innovative solutions that are ecologically responsible, socially just and economically viable. Internet and social networks are already playing a very important role in this abundance of goodwill and collective intelligence … but the meetings between project-solution holders remain paramount. The aim of this meeting is to discuss these new means of mobilization as tools for involving young people on themes of climate change. As the young people carry a proliferation of initiatives, debates will also focus on how new telecommunication means can help to implement these initiatives (through, for example, crowdfunding solidarity, citizen mobilizations via Facebook, etc.).

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