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Mediterranean Cities and Territories Confronted with Climate Change

10 November 2016 - Jeunesse Agora

Cities consume between 60% and 80% of the energy produced globally, accounting for about 75% of total greenhouse gas emissions. These figures are likely to increase, with the arrival of nearly 2 billion more urban by 2050. Within the Mediterranean basin, the population explosion has been coupled with an increase in the urban population, From 48% in 1960 to 67% in 2010. Cities thus play a critical role in the implementation of climate policies, especially since the territorial variation of the issues generally allows the implementation of measures adapted to the realities Geographical, social and economic conditions.

The Mediterranean cities and territories have become aware of the role they have to play and are at the origin of initiatives that are sometimes far more ambitious than those of the States. Networking phenomena have been set up, with specific action programs to respond to the challenges of a Mediterranean region in transition. The mobilization of the Regions for the recent Mediterranean Forum which took place in Tangier on 18 and 19 July (MedCOP Climat 2016) testifies to this process and to the key role played by the territories.


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