Official Side event

Innovate and mobilize to improve the resilience of populations in LDCs

Energy and access to energy a priority

10 November 2016 - OIF/IFDD area (blue zone)

Africa in general and the Sahel in particular are among the areas most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Floods, droughts, extreme events, deforestation, or difficulties in accessing water resources or agricultural production in sufficient quantity and quality are only a few examples of the impacts of climate change Lives of millions of people and hamper the development capacities of countries. This is stated in addition to the fact that these countries are already facing countless everyday challenges, be they social and economic development, population pressure, access to resources, urbanization or Regional level in a complex landscape.

Therefore, it is imperative and a national priority to put countries in a sustainable, low carbon, resilient development trajectory that is conducive to shared and inclusive development that respects natural resources and promotes economic prosperity. The event will draw on the example of initiatives implemented in Niger, Mauritania and Senegal. It is also a matter of showing examples of African responses.


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