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Gender and climate change in the Mediterranean

16 novembre 2016 - Agora jeunesse

In many countries, particularly the most vulnerable developing countries, women are the first victims of the consequences of climate change. For example, they account for almost 43% of the agricultural workforce worldwide and are therefore directly impacted by adaptation and food security issues. At the same time, they often have strong adaptive capacities and, in particular through their central role in the education of children, are at the forefront of raising awareness among future generations about issues related to climate change. Despite this, the injustices suffered by women, particularly in developing countries, in terms of access to basic human rights or even to financial, social and environmental resources are still persistent.

Gender is a cross-cutting theme that tends increasingly to gain importance and recognition. These include gender mainstreaming in the Paris Accord (Article 7 on adaptation and Article 11 on capacity building), which enshrines gender equality as one of the major issues in international climate objectives . The contribution of COP 22 to the recognition of this fundamental issue is expected to bring significant progress. In this spirit, at MedCOP22, the network “Women facing Climate Challenges in the Mediterranean” was launched at the Mediterranean level, which is already a success for the Mediterranean region.


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