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Francophonie’s Initiative for Sustainable Cities – A participatory and inclusive systemic approach to accompany the urban agenda and the realities of African and least developed countries

12 November 2016 - Bouregreg Room

In the context of the climate agenda, it is important to take into account the opportunities of cities and sustainable urban strategies to promote energy transition and, more generally, to develop low-carbon, resilient and solidarity-based territories. Today, accounting for 50% of the world’s population and probably 70% by 2050, cities are already responsible for 75% of global CO2 emissions, and they are expanding, especially in developing countries, Africa.

To support cities towards sustainable development, the Francophonie Initiative for Sustainable Cities (IFVD), co-founded by the OIF / IFDD, ENERGIES 2050 and UN Habitat, developed a systemic approach to accompany cities on development trajectories Resilient, low-carbon, sober in natural resources, bringing a better life and territorial solidarity in the long term. IFVD supports the implementation of sustainable urban strategies by providing concrete answers adapted to the realities of each city, whatever its size, while promoting a systemic approach that takes into account the urban complexity and the interrelations between the different Systems.


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