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The energy transition in the Mediterranean, a treasure trove of opportunities for the implementation of national contributions

14 November 2016 - Agora "Youth"

The energy sector is naturally at the heart of the climate issue, accounting for the bulk of our greenhouse gas emissions. In the Mediterranean, growth in demand under demographic and economic pressure has exacerbated tensions on the supply, transmission and distribution networks. Demand for energy could increase by 40% by 2030, and this growth will largely come from countries on the southern and eastern shores. To date, supply in the Mediterranean basin is mainly based on fossil fuels (90% in 2013); Renewable energies represent only 11% of the final energy mix despite considerable potential.

The challenges of controlling energy consumption, security of supply, reduction of dependence on fossil fuels and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions must now be integrated into the whole Of sectoral policies. In this respect, the Mediterranean countries have immense potential in many areas of consumption (cities, buildings, agriculture, industry, etc.) and considerable renewable energy resources which must be exploited for a resilient and low development carbon.


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