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Building and energy efficiency in the Mediterranean: a treasure trove of opportunity for territories in transition

November 11, 2016 - Agora "Youth"

The final energy consumption in the building sector has more than doubled over the last forty years at the global level, as a result of demographic and economic growth but also changes in our consumption habits and comfort requirements. This consumption is projected to increase by another 30% between 2010 and 2035. In the Mediterranean, energy demand in the primary sector could increase by 40% and 42 million new buildings could be built, mainly in cities, by 2030. Given the imperatives imposed by the Climate Change Agendas and the implementation of the sustainable development objectives, there is a real urgency to act to avoid the effects of negative locks which would continue throughout the duration Of buildings.

If the stakes are high, however, the IPCC believes that reductions of 25-30% in energy demand for buildings could be achieved at reduced or even negative costs, and that savings could in some cases reach 90% with greater investment. The building also plays a major role in terms of adaptation, economic and social development and comfort. In this context, innovative approaches have been put in place to address this issue under the guise of a systemic approach, taking into account the life cycle of the building, based on concrete and duplicable projects and developed within a collegial framework. A Mediterranean building initiative has also been launched within the framework of the Global Building and Construction Alliance, in order to exploit the many existing opportunities.


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