Conference on the project neZEH

Nice – 4 February 2014

When energy performance becomes an asset for the hotel sector: the example of the European project neZEH in the PACA region

Tuesday 4th February at 11am – Salle Thémis (1st Floor)

This will be an opportunity for hoteliers as well as any actor concerned with the themes of sustainable tourism or the energy performance of the building, to come and meet us and to discover the neZEH project, its first results and the next steps of its implementation . As part of the AGECOTEL exhibition, ENERGIES 2050 is organizing a conference to present the neZEH project and the actions that will be implemented more particularly in the PACA region.

Participation in the conference is free of charge. You can get your access badge here.

Come and see!

At a time when the consequences of climate change are becoming more and more visible, it is essential that each of us, whatever his sector of activity, is committed to reducing its impact on the climate.

The hotel industry is at the heart of the challenges because it alone accounts for 2% of global CO2 emissions. Aware of the stakes, the hotel sector is already mobilized and numerous initiatives have been implemented to try to find solutions. The energy issue is one of the essential elements to consider in any climate strategy. While the improvement of the energy performance of buildings can be perceived as a constraint by some hoteliers, this can nevertheless represent many advantages, notably in terms of competitiveness.

This is what the European project neZEH (Hotels Presque Zéro Energie) aims to significantly reduce the energy consumption of hotels. Launched in April 2013, this project, which brings together 10 partners from diverse backgrounds (research institutes, associations, European networks, United Nations agencies, etc.) and from 7 European countries, has already brought together interesting elements concerning best practices, appropriate technological solutions or national financing mechanisms.

The remainder of the program will be the implementation of these results through various pilot projects, two of which will be implemented within the PACA region. The lessons learned from these concrete experiments will make it possible to provide hoteliers with a set of tools to facilitate their commitment to the energy transition.

The conference will be an opportunity to present the call for applications for hoteliers for pilot projects in the PACA region.

The call for applications for the pilot projects is available for download on our page dedicated to the project neZEH.

Read the article on the conference on the website


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