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Climate Non-State Actors World Summit

11-13 SEPTEMBER 2017

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Unique in its international dimension, the Climate Chance Summit aims to become the annual meeting of all non-state actors involved in the fight against climate change.

Continuing the dynamic of multi-stakeholder dialogue initiated since the World Climate and Territories Summit in Lyon in 2015 and after the success of the 1st Climate Chance Summit in Nantes in 2016, the Climate Chance 2017 Summit is co- region of Souss-Massa in Morocco from 11 to 13 September 2017, in the city of Agadir. This second edition will make it possible to measure the progress of the action, to deepen exchanges on successes and difficulties and to promote the pooling of experiences and innovations.

It will also be an opportunity to strengthen the dialogue between non-state actors (local authorities, companies, associations, trade unions, professional federations, non-governmental organizations, scientific organizations, donors, climate- international and those more focused on their local problems, and to allow a better articulation between the territorial questions and the global stakes.

Recognized for its commitment to sustainable development, particularly in the field of renewable energies and sustainable tourism, the Souss-Massa region is illustrated by a particularly dynamic economic and social fabric committed to the preparation and participation of the Climate Chance .

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Day 1 – Monday 11th of September

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3.30pm – 4.30pm – Comité 21 space

Role of non-state actors in the implementation of energy policies in Africa and Europe: Illustrations from Trust EPC South and ENERFUND projects.

This debate aims to provide an overview of existing opportunities for non-state actors to engage in the energy transition. It will be based on lessons learnt from concrete initiatives, in particular the Trust EPC South project (lien vers le site web en anglais), which aims is to promote energy efficiency in the tertiary sector, and ENERFUND (lien vers le site),  which focus on facilitating investment for deep renovation of buildings.

Speakers: ENERGIES 2050; ENDA, AZAD Environment, Consultant GIZ

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Day 2 – Tuesday 12th September

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11.30am – 12.30pm – Comité 21 space

Presentation of the Climate club, an initiative for a low carbon future

This event will be devoted to the presentation of the Climate Club, an initiative which aims is to promote a low carbon future. Speakers will be Mr Renaud Le Chatelier, Manager of the Climate Club, and Mr Guillaume de Laboulaye, Program Manager at ENERGIES 2050, under the coordination of Mrs Sylvianne Villaudière, Founding Director of Alliantis.

3.30pm – 5pm - ROOM ARGANE 1

Thematic plenary – « African cities in the face of the climate change challenge »

African cities are confronted on a daily basis with the impacts of climate change, which are exacerbating already existing issues. These cities are increasingly experiencing the need to better comprehend climate issues while in the meantime responding to both environmental and socio-economic challenges. Around thirty cities have developed climate initiatives within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors and experiences of non-state actors are scaling up on the ground.This plenary will attempt to provide some answers to the following questions: How can urban strategies be developed to increase both the adaptive capacity of cities and mitigate their GHG emissions? How can urban strategies balance and find synergies between immediate development priorities and long-term needs for climate resilience?
Speakers: Jean-Pierre Elong Mbassi – Secretary General of UCLG Africa; Salah El Malouki – Mayor of Agadir, Morocco; Stéphane Pouffary – Honorary President of the Association ENERGIES 2050; Mohamed Amine El Hajhouj – General Manager of Zenata Development Corporation (SAZ), Eco-Cité Zenata; MASEN; Mohamed Sefiani – Mayor of Chefchaouen, Morocco: Global Covenant of Mayors; 4C – Competence Center Climate Change; C40

5.30pm – 7pm - TAFOUKT ROOM

TRE4 – “Green innovation and ecological transition: what experiences and good practices of companies to make SDGs a lever of performance? “
With the adoption of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, the Humanity has set itself an ambitious and shared goal. In particular, the ODD on climate, aligned with the objective of the Paris Agreement, aims to maintain the increase in temperature below 2 ° C compared to the pre-industrial era. Companies have an interest in engaging in a strategy to fight global warming and innovate with low-carbon solutions. How does business innovation contribute to the SDG on climate? What are the most efficient low-carbon innovations? What is the sharing of experiences and initiatives to be developed in the world and especially in Africa?

Speakers: Brice Lalonde, Former French Minister, President of the Business & Climate Summit, Special Advisor to the Global Compact and President of the Water Academy; Stéphane Pouffary, Honorary President, NGO ENERGIES 2050; Gilles Vermot-Desroches, Director of Sustainable Development, Schneider Electric; General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM): speakers to be confirmed

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Day 3 – Wednesday, September 13

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10am – 11am – Comité 21 space

Citizens’ involvement in climate change: illustrations and lessons learnt from the C4ET project

This time will be devoted to a presentation of new communication and awareness-raising tools aimed at involving citizens in energy and climate policies. It will be based in particular on testing the tools and games developed within the framework of the C4ET (Citizens for Energy Transition) project (lien vers le site en anglais), supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus + program, and coordinated by the association ENERGIES 2050.

Speakers: ENERGIES 2050, Climate Club, Azad Environment, representing GIZ

11am to 12:30 pm - Oasis Adiss

F9 non-state actors and access to climate finance: African cities and territories

This time of exchange and debates will focus on reviewing the challenges and opportunities facing African cities and territories in the context of climate change. The development and implementation of adaptation and mitigation policies at the local level will be particularly discussed, as well as the territorial declination of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), the access of cities and territories to climate finance and the development of processes that meet the requirements of the MRV.

Speakers: ENERGIES 2050, UCLG Africa, 4C Morocco, Azad

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ENERGIES 2050 is a member of Comité 21 - Club de France

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ENERGIES 2050 is a member of Climate Club


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African cities in the face of the climate change challenge - Agenda

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