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Launch of the 9th edition of ART’s PLANET

The 2019 edition of ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 is launched in partnership with several international and national organizations. The final exhibition will be organized during COP25 in Madrid (Spain) from 2 to 13 December 2019.

Like the previous editions, participation is totally free. Each participant can contribute in whatever medium chosen.

ART’s PLANET is for all arts, all forms of expression and all kinds of media: painting, drawing, engraving, sculpture, photo, video, music, singing, comics, poetry, theatrical composition, dance, novels and short stories … created for the occasion or not.

No need to be a known or recognized professional … all talents are welcome to give ART’s PLANET the expected impact.

All offered artworks will be sold later in an online auction. Funds raised will be used to support solidarity projects and initiatives in “so-called” developing countries with a focus on vulnerable communities with a particular concern on women and youth.

Part of the collected funds will also be reversed to contributors / artists to help them back in their personal adventures.

The theme of the 2019 edition is:

Climate change is not a fake news!

Let’s act for our planet

Human Rights – Sustainable Development
Climate Change – Citizenship – Solidarity – Peace

.As for previous editions, the 2019 edition reflects the will of ENERGIES 2050 and partner organizations to contribute to the building of a positive and plural common future, vector of universal values of solidarity, while putting citizen cooperation and art at the heart of awareness and action.

2019 edition

Send your contributions to be included in this year exhibition:


Presentation of the initiative

Presentation of the initiative


Rules of participation

Rules of Participation for the 2019’s Edition of ART’s PLANET


ART's PLANET 2019 poster

ART’s PLANET initiative 2019 exhibition poster


Parental consent

Written consent of parents or legal guardians for participants under 18 years of age


Individual participation

Commitment form for individual entries


Participation as an organisation

Commitment form for organisations


Participation as a group

Commitment form for an informal group


The previous editions of ART’s PLANET

ENERGIES 2050 presented in several spaces at COP 22 an exhibition highlighting creations received in the framework of the international artistic competition launched in 2015 under cover of the 4th edition of the international initiative "Shake Your Earth!".
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For the 2017's edition of ART's PLANET, ENERGIES 2050 and its partner launch an international citizen and artistic initiative on the theme: Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness. The objective of this international citizen and artistic initiative is to offer citizens, and especially young people and the art community, the opportunity to express themselves and participate in their own way to the major challenges our societies are facing.
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ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 originates from the international initiative, Shake Your Earth! launched by ENERGIES 2050 in 2011 in partnership with national and international NGOs. This initiative has enabled the setting up of an annual global day of information and exchange on the challenges of sustainable development, climate and environmental protection, for the general public, professionals, decision-makers and, in general, all the people concerned by these issues.
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