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ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 and its partners

– Edition 2017 – 

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For the 2017’s edition of ART’s PLANET, ENERGIES 2050 and its partner launch an international citizen and artistic initiative on the theme:

Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness

The objective of this international citizen and artistic initiative is to offer citizens, and especially young people and the art community, the opportunity to express themselves and participate in their own way to the major challenges our societies are facing.

We invite each citizen to be part of a global but locally based art’s performance, to be presented during COP23 in Bonn (Germany) from the 6th to the 17th of November 2017

For any information: communication@energies2050.org

Why to participate ?

Humanity has a long history of mobility, both for economic and environmental reasons. This diversity has shaped our societies in the past and in our today realities and will further enrich our common future. Having said that it is also now well recognized that the level of migration and number of refugees will increase significantly under climate change. The impacts of this global phenomena on availability of natural resources, on food production, etc. already foster tensions and conflicts, affecting both industrialized and emerging/developing countries. Raising sea levels, droughts, more extreme climatic events, etc. will throw more people out of their homeland and these large unwanted migratory flows will become increasingly difficult to manage.

Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness is established to promote the dialogue on climate change consequences and on environmental concerns with migration and solidarity as entry points. With this initiative, the partners of ART’s PLANET 2017’s Edition aim to engage citizens worldwide and also official delegates as well as the audiences at COP23 through an interactive art exhibition (e.g. artistic “performance”) and to foster multiple engagements for sustainability.

We are convinced that the emotion generated by artistic works can sometimes enhance action in a better way than a well-designed speech. This is even truer for citizens, who can easily feel completely overwhelmed, suspicious or even angry, when listening to debates of experts in which they do not recognise themselves.

Feel concerned, Testify and Act!

WE are actors of change!

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Useful documents

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Participation documents and forms

Parental Consent

Written consent from parents or legal representative for applicants aged under 18 to participate to the 2017’s Edition of ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 and its partners : Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness


Commitment form for individual to participate to the 2017’s Edition of ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 and its partners : Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness

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Informal collective

Commitment Form for an informal collective to participate to the 2017’s Edition of ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 and its partners : Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness

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Commitment Form for organisations to participate to the 2017’s Edition of ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 and its partners : Climate, Migration and Solidarity: The Art of Collectiveness

Our partners speak about the ART’s PLANET

2017 edition

As our Secretary General, HE Michaelle Jean, has often pointed out, la Francophonie is particularly concerned by the massive displacements of refugees and migrants, since among its 84 member states and member governments, on all five continents, are countries of departure, transit, destination and host of migrants.

The International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF – Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) is working on the root causes of these migrations to create hope and opportunities for young people in French-speaking countries affected by political, economic and environmental crises. Its Institute for the Francophonie for Sustainable Development (IFDD – Institut de la Francophonie pour le développement durable), for example, is implementing, for the most vulnerable countries to the negative effects of climate change, initiatives to raise awareness among young people of the fight against climate change and to promote entrepreneurship and job creation for young people and women in the field of green economy.

The IFDD is pleased to be partner and to support this collective citizen and artistic initiative and exhibition realized on the basis of a large call for contributions from artists, citizens, civil society organizations, cities and territories of photographs and artworks that participate in efforts to raise awareness among the public and decision-makers, in order to give them reasons for hope and action.

Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum - Director of the IFDD

ART’S PLANET by ENERGIES 2050… Genesis and presentation

ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 finds its genesis in the international initiative, Shake Your Earth!, launched by ENERGIES 2050 in 2012 in partnership with national and international NGOs. This initiative set up an annual worldwide day of information and exchanges on the challenges of sustainable development, climate change and environmental protection, to the attention of the general public, professionals, policy-makers and, in general, all those concerned by these issues.

To read more about Shake Your Earth! access our dedicated page: click here

Building on the Shake Your Earth! initiative, ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 was designed in 2016 to put forward collective concerns about Earth future, the fight against climate change, the support to vulnerable populations worldwide and to solidarity, with the following theme :

Our climate today, our climate in 20 years, and us?

This first exhibition under ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050 was inaugurated at the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) under the frame of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Marrakech from the 7th November to the 18th of November 2016. ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050, was displayed in the Blue zone (official UNFCCC negotiation zone) on the pavilion of La Francophonie, in the Green zone (civil society zone) on the Youth space of the Swiss cooperation Pavilion and on the Pavilions of ENERGIES 2050 in both zones.

To discover the exhibition and the works of the 2016 edition, access our dedicated page: click here

Thanks to the enthusiasm generated by this exhibition among its partners and the general public, ENERGIES 2050 confirmed to put the initiative on a sustainable path but enlarging the numbers of co-organisers to reach long lasting, visible, structured and impactful mobilisation. To this extent, every year an exhibition theme will be shared and everyone will be invited to freely express on a dedicated matter.

association ENERGIES 2050 Building with us the opportunities of tomorrow