« L’Equatorial Magazine issue 1 »

For the first issue of L’EQUATORIAL MAGAZINE, published in March 2014, ENERGIES 2050 wrote an article on the challenges of climate change:

“All actors facing the international stakes of climate change and sustainable development”

In November 2013, countries around the world met in Warsaw to adopt measures to limit climate change. ENERGIES 2050 participated and offers here to take stock of the major international conferences that have been devoted to issues of global warming and sustainable development for more than 40 years. Beyond highlighting the main results of these intergovernmental meetings, the objective is also to question the means of action that each of us has.

ENERGIES 2050 has also made available for the illustration of the magazine a number of original photographs from the collection of the association.


On May 27, 2014, ENERGIES 2050 signed a partnership with L’EQUATORIAL MAGAZINE whose purpose is to promote the values of sustainable development in a logic of international solidarity for the benefit of present and future generations in Africa and in the world.

A true window on the world, it is a question of creating a link, a knowledge and a desire to act in common so that everyone can become the mouthpiece of an Africa and an international society in motion engaged in the a new way of conceiving sustainable development as an economic, environmental and social lever.

As part of this partnership, ENERGIES 2050 has contributed since March 2014 to the issues of L’EQUATORIAL MAGAZINE as Technical Partner.

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