“Equatorial Magazine issue 3”

ENERGIES 2050 takes stock of the major challenges of sustainable agriculture for Africa in the context of climate change, in the 3rd issue of EQUATORIAL MAGAZINE (June-July 2014). We suggest you to discover some excerpts below.

Agriculture facing the challenges of climate change: the challenges of sustainable agriculture for Africa

2014 was proclaimed the “International Year of Family Farming” by the United Nations, which wished to celebrate this form of agriculture and its significant contribution to the improvement of living conditions and the attainment of the objectives of agriculture. sustainable development, particularly in rural areas. Family farming can feed 70% of the world’s population and has many benefits in terms of the use of natural resources in a spirit of preserving biodiversity. Although agriculture is the main form of agriculture worldwide, the agricultural sector also includes much less environmentally friendly production methods with many associated impacts. Land use is responsible for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, knowing that agriculture is and will be one of the sectors most affected by the consequences of climate change. As global food needs continue to grow, the challenges of sustainable agriculture are paramount. They are even more so in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa where agriculture accounts for one third of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and where the consequences of climate change will be particularly severe. A transition in our consumption and production patterns is essential and, with this in mind, taking agriculture into account in international climate negotiations is vital. “

ENERGIES 2050 has also made available for the illustration of the magazine a number of original photographs from the collection of the association.


On May 27, 2014, ENERGIES 2050 signed a partnership with L’EQUATORIAL MAGAZINE whose purpose is to promote the values of sustainable development in a logic of international solidarity for the benefit of present and future generations in Africa and in the world.

A true window on the world, it is a question of creating a link, a knowledge and a desire to act in common so that everyone can become the mouthpiece of an Africa and an international society in motion engaged in the a new way of conceiving sustainable development as an economic, environmental and social lever.

As part of this partnership, ENERGIES 2050 has contributed since March 2014 to the issues of L’EQUATORIAL MAGAZINE as Technical Partner.

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