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The project

Launched by ENERGIES 2050 in 2012, the “Agite Ta Terre – Shake Your Earth” initiative is an annual global day of information and exchange on sustainable development, climate change and environmental protection. environment for the general public, professionals, policy makers and, in general, all those concerned by these issues.

To give the initiative the ambition and the visibility expected, this day takes place each year at the same time in the countries of the partner associations and around a common subject.

For each edition, the theme, the program of the day and the date are defined collectively by all the partners. ENERGIES 2050 has a particular responsibility to stimulate the mobilization of associations and to encourage them to organize events that are decentralized and anchored in the local context.

Eventually, it is expected that this day will take place in all the countries of the world and that this initiative is relayed by several associations in each of the countries concerned.

Whether you are a student, a citizen or a member of an NGO, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in this initiative and join the College of Friends “Shake Your Earth”.

Join us to build together the opportunities and actions of tomorrow!

Objectives of exchange and sharing

“Shake Your Earth” is a citizen mobilization whose objective is:

  • to share and transmit knowledge and knowledge with the citizens of the world, on the stakes and challenges of the implementation of sustainable development, and to encourage each citizen to become a player in the transformation of our societies in favor of a society sober in natural resources, fair and solidarity;
  • to strengthen exchanges between young people, students, future professionals of sustainable development with the citizens and public and private professionals of their respective countries;
  • to bring citizens together with experts, known and recognized national and international figures;
  • to strengthen exchanges in order to encourage meetings, partnerships, actions and projects on common problems and concerns;
  • to enable students to interact with professionals in order to assist them in their search for jobs.

The objective of this initiative is to be able to feel and understand the state of knowledge and the mobilization of the citizens of the world on a similar theme. Indeed, even if the problems remain the same regardless of the country in which we live, the responses are part of our local experiences and depending on whether we live in an industrialized, developing or transitional country, the levers of actions are substantially different. Agite Ta Terre intends to contribute to bear witness to this diversity while inviting every citizen from anywhere to mobilize according to his means. We thus hope to give each of us the desire to act as a prerequisite for any collective construction.

Imagining a different world without being resolutely a witness and actor of this change seems to us unimaginable in view of the challenges facing our societies. Agitate your Earth, it is our way of helping to transform the apparent difficulties into opportunities for collective action in search of a better living together “(Stéphane Pouffary, CEO of ENERGIES 2050).

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Shake Your Earth! 2016

As part of the edition of Agite Ta Terre! 2016, an international art exhibition was launched entitled “ART’s PLANET by ENERGIES 2050“.

The theme of this exhibition, following the 2015 edition of Agite Ta Terre (“My climate today, my climate in 20 years, and me?”), Was:

Our climate today, our climate in 20 years, and we? “.

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Shake Your Earth! 2015

International Citizen Competition on the theme “My climate today, my climate in 20 years, and me?

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Shake Your Earth! 2014

International Citizen Mobilization Day on the theme “Climate Change, Solidarity and Me

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Shake Your Earth! 2013

International Citizen Engagement Day on the theme of “Energy Transition: For whom? Why ? How? and me ?

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Shake Your Earth! 2012

The first International Day “Shake Your Earth” took place on June 8, 2012 in 7 countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, France, Madagascar, Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo). It brought together 8 non-governmental organizations on the theme:

“Sustainable development, Why? How? My job and me in 20 years”

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This project and all the actions resulting from it are part of the ENERGIES 2050 activities in favor of Citizens’ Mobilisation.

Genesis of the Initiative

Agite Ta Terre was initially the name of a local event organized by the GAIA association, which brings together the students of the Master Pro Environment and Sustainable Development Management at the University of Nice-Sophia-Antipolis . Every year, the new promotion of the GEDD Master organized an information day for the population of the city of Nice (located in the South of France) on the challenges of sustainable development in a perspective of local development. Despite a strong mobilization of the students, the day met a very low echo among the population.

ENERGIES 2050 observed the same difficulties encountered by other associations in mobilizing the greatest number on similar subjects. Thus was born the idea of ​​Agite Ta Terre. Networking associations around the world around a common day to multiply the means of each and to stimulate exchanges between the citizens of the world.

ENERGIES 2050, has internationalized the concept that has become “Shake Your Earth”. GAIA has become a partner in the new initiative.

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