4th World Congress on Renewable Energy Technologies

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The “Promotion of Renewable Energy and Green Energy for Sustainable Development” will be held in honor of the 4th World Congress of Renewable Energy Technologies, organized under the aegis of the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energies. (Visit the Conference website)

From 25 to 27 September, the main international players – experts, industry leaders, members of international organizations … – (see list of experts present) will meet in New Delhi to discuss the latest concepts, trends and technological developments, with particular emphasis on promoting cooperation to generate the green economy.

This event will also aim to encourage partnerships, exchange best practices and work on the modalities of implementing these technologies in the Indian context and within the regional framework.

This meeting is important, whether for India or internationally, given the size of the Indian market (more than 1.2 billion inhabitants in 2012), the technological stakes but also the evolution of the demand for energies of this country.

Beyond the Conference, this means contributing to the development of a sustainable market that contributes to the development of a low-carbon economy while meeting the needs of the population and economic actors.

The Indian government has already put in place policies and measures. It is now necessary to multiply these actions by mobilizing all actors, be they private, public or representatives of civil society.

ENERGIES 2050 is honored to have contributed to the preparation of this event, as a partner, and will also contribute to the implementation of the solutions that will be recommended.

Stéphane Pouffary, Founder and Honorary President of ENERGIES 2050, will speak at this conference. On September 26, he will co-chair the fourth meeting, dedicated to biofuels and its potential to increase access to energy in the rural world.

On September 27, he will also deliver an introductory speech at the “Green Corridors for a Sustainable Tomorrow” panel.

In parallel to the conference, Stéphane Pouffary will also participate in the International Advisory Board on Renewable Energy at the International Center of India, as well as the various technical scrutineers.

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