24th ENERGIES 2050 citizenship meeting

“From the Grenelle de l’environnement to the national debate on the energy transition: France confronted with its energy future”

On Saturday 16 November 2013, ENERGIES 2050 organized a citizens’ debate on the theme:

“From the Grenelle de l’environnement to the national debate on the energy transition: France confronted with its energy future”.

This event, organized in partnership with the City of Biot, took place at 5 pm at the Salle des Associations – 12 bis route de Valbonne – 06410 Biot

The purpose of the meeting was to present the global challenges and energy challenges, but also to exchange views on the French situation without any bias.

In keeping with its objective, ENERGIES 2050 hopes that this encounter with citizens can also be an aid for everyone, behind the statements of the different actors, to better perceive what could be a French energy revolution if the different stakeholders could take the time to gather around a real common project.

Acting locally while thinking globally was the guiding thread of this citizen meeting.


Energy has been at the heart of the construction of our modern history and, to a large extent, it is at the origin of the relations of forces between countries. That being said, our energy history, that is to say our modes of production and consumption, have been based on cheap and abundant energy until recent decades, even though it was unevenly distributed both with regard to the resource, that is to say production areas, than consumption areas.

France’s energy model is no exception, as our society has developed on the basis of a particular energy mix, making the French situation an international exception. Nevertheless, in the same way as its neighbors, France is facing a major energy crisis against a backdrop of competition between resources in a context of increasing energy demand.

The French exception is also a passionate debate on the issue of nuclear energy and the energy model to be put in place for the coming decades. The current quinquennium and the previous quinquennium have given rise to unprecedented and highly controversial exercises in national debates on the stakes and challenges of energy transition in French society. Beyond the simple need to exchange on a common project for energy France of tomorrow, the official idea was to ensure the choices to come on as wide a consultation as possible.

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